Fair ASM Silver - 999.9 ‰ Fine - Casting Grain

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Product:  Fine silver casting grain, e.g. to produce alloys for jewellery manufacturing... more
Product information "Fair ASM Silver - 999.9 ‰ Fine - Casting Grain"

Product: Fine silver casting grain, e.g. to produce alloys for jewellery manufacturing and other applications.

Origin: ASM = Artisanal and Small-scale Mining. Our Fair Silver comes from Fairtrade certified mines in Peru, which have long been known for their exemplary ethics and practices. The mining areas are located in the Andes highlands of Peru. Our Fair Silver is very scarce and precious, as it is only found as a by-product in gold mining. 1 kilogram of doré gold (containing approx. 800 grams of gold) contains only approx. 100 to 150 grams of silver. Refining small amounts of silver physically segregated from other silver is expensive.

(Fairmined- or Fairtrade-certified "pure play" silver mines do not exist, as "fair trade" concepts are always about empowering small producers. Silver mining is mainly a large-scale industrial activity, as the sales price of silver is too low and the extraction costs too high to be viable for small-scale mining.)

Fair standards: The small-scale mining organizations operating under Fairtrade standards have a long-standing reputation for their strong sense of responsibility towards people and nature. The workers receive a fair wage for their work. Protective clothing as well as health and safety training are mandatory. Abusive child labour is prohibited. Both organizations follow either Fairtrade, Fairmined or RJC standards and have been widely covered by positive reports by NGOs and the media, which you'll find on the web.

Certification: Unlike our Fairmined Silver and Fairtrade Silver, this Fair Silver is not certified by a 3rd party. However, we have full traceability of origin for this material and are very confident about the responsibility of the mining practices. 

Packaging: We fill the grain into resealable and recyclable transparent plastic bags. On the product label you'll find all the relevant data.

Target group: We only sell this item to the trade, not to consumers.

Purity of metal: 999.5 ‰ Silver
Target group: Supplied only to our registered business customers.
Taxation: Standard VAT rate; reverse charge mechanism might apply, which will be specified on the invoice.
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