Return of gold

Our customers ask frequently: "How will I be able to sell the gold bars later? Will the Fairtrade Premium be lost?"

We believe that a secondary market will establish itself in the medium term. This means that whenever you want to sell one of your Fairtrade Gold bars, you should be able to find a buyer who is willing to pay the Fairtrade Premium. This would be comparable to higher quality diamonds - for which a premium is also paid on the secondary market. Even if you can't see or measure the metal's "Fairtrade character", it is still a valuable (intrinsic) quality feature.

To set the establishment of a secondary market in motion and to remove those concerns from the outset, our offer stands:

Gold bars and coins which you've bought from us,
can be returned by you to us at any time.
We honor the price premium of Fairmined and Fairtrade Gold.

A discount of 5 %, based on the market rate at the time of return, applies. This is normal and comparable to the spread between the selling and buying prices for physical gold set by the banks.

Our offer in detail:

1. The minimum value of goods (after discount) per return to us is 3000 €.
2. The refund amount is calculated on the basis of the percentage surcharge on the gold market price (LBMA), which was effectively applied at the time of your purchase. You will receive this premium in addition to the current gold market price on the day of return, less a discount of 5 %.
3. Example: On 12 July 2017 you purchased 10 pieces of 1 ounce Fairtrade Gold bars from us at a price of 1279.28 EUR per ounce. The gold market price on this day was exactly 1064.29 EUR per ounce (LBMA A.M. price). The premium you paid was therefore 1279.28 / 1064.29 = 1.202 = 20.2 %. On return on 19 February 2019, the gold market price stood at 1175.72 EUR; your refund would be 1175.72 x 1.202 x 0.95 = 1342.55 EUR per ounce.
4. Goods and packaging must be in as-new condition.
5. You inform us about your return request via email.
6. We organize the discrete collection from you by a reliable courier service.
7. You bear the transport costs & risks: In Germany 39 EUR for every started 5000 EUR value of goods. In the EU usually 59 EUR for every started 5000 EUR value of goods. This includes handling and inspection of goods by us. Special customs areas, (small) islands and very remote locations on request.
8. Alternatively you can deliver the goods to us personally in Leipzig, Germany, free of charge. An appointment is required.
9. We then transfer the refund to your bank account according to your specifications.

Do you have any questions or comments about this offer? Please let us know!