Payment methods

Payment by bank transfer

Currencies & accounts: You may place your order in EUR, AUD, CHF, GBP or USD currency. We provide local bank accounts for all of these currencies. You simply pay by SEPA or local bank transfer if you're banking in Germany, another SEPA country (European Union, Norway etc.), in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States. Alternatively, you can use the international SWIFT payment network.

Private customers (only bars, coins): Please transfer the full amount stated in the order confirmation email within 3 working days by bank transfer. You'll receive the payment instructions via email. We'll ship with the selected shipping method after receipt of payment and inform you accordingly via email.

Business customers: Approved & recurring business customers purchase on account. We'll despatch your order when it's completed and inform you accordingly via email. Please do not pay before you receive the final invoice. Once you receive the final invoice, you need to pay within 3 working days by bank transfer. You'll receive the payment instructions via email.

Please note:
- We'll send you the invoice and delivery note via email only. There is no printout in the parcel. You'll find the order number on the shipping label as well as each product label, so you can easily match documents and shipments.
- If the payer and the recipient of the goods do not match, we'll investigate the matter for security reasons. Due to this, there might be delays.

Our favorite bank, GLS Gemeinschaftsbank introduces itself: "'Money is there for people', we are convinced of that. For more than 40 years we have therefore been aiming to make sustainable, individual and social development possible with everything we do. As pioneers of social-ecological banking, we invest the money we receive in a meaningful and transparent way."

Cash payment at pick-up

You're welcome to pay in cash (EUR notes only) when you collect your ordered goods from us in Leipzig, Germany. A minimum order value of 3000 EUR applies. We need to identify you and document the transaction as required by German law.

Please coordinate the collection date and time at least one week in advance with us. Since we normally ship from a secure central warehouse, we must first transfer the ordered goods internally for pick-ups in Leipzig. If you are interested, this could also be combined with a meeting & chat over a cup of coffee.


The legal details regarding payments can be found in our Terms and Conditions, in particular § 4.