Live Talk with Jan Spille
Talking about responsible supply chains and customer choices
26 July, 2023 by
Live Talk with Jan Spille
Desirée Binternagel

In session 2 of our video-podcast "Aufpoliert" we welcomed self-declared gold and precious stones activist Jan Spille

The Top 3 Insights Jan Spille shares in Session 2:

  1. Finding the right supply chain became easier over the years and gold certifications like Fairtrade and Fairmined are trustworthy labels for gold. 
  2. Clients shall be able to make the right choice themselves but in order to do so it most important to inform them about the implications of each sourcing option. 
  3. Child labor is only one of many huge problems in mining communities which we shall not forget about. Responsible sourcing of precious metals and stones has a positive impact and is an active way of supporting communities in the global south. 

View or listen to the full session here (in German language): 


Hosts: Desiree Binternagel, Dr. Peter Janowski

© Photo: Jan Spille Schmuck

Live Talk with Jan Spille
Desirée Binternagel 26 July, 2023
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