Jan Spille
Goldsmith and Activist for Fair Gold
21 November, 2022 by
Jan Spille
Desirée Binternagel

Jan Spille was one of the first goldsmiths in Germany to work with fair trade gold and silver since 2003. In 2015, his studio was the first German jewelry company to be Fairtrade certified. Shortly after, he became Fairmined certified as well.

I was committed to human rights and the protection of the environment from a young age on. On my wanderings, after my training as a goldsmith, I heard for the first time about fair trade gold from small-scale mining in Africa and South America. From then on, it was clear to me that I couldn‘t get around it. As a goldsmith I am part of a supply chain and I want to take responsibility for the raw materials I use.

Our customers are mostly between 30 and 40 years old and come from all over Germany to have wedding rings made. They, just like me, care about the origin and history of the raw materials that are used. They can identify with our approach, which is 100 % fair and eco- logical. First, the customers decide on a design and sustainability concept. Then, the jewelry is custom-made. Each piece is absolutely unique.

For me, the use of fair gold not only makes economic sense because my customers demand it. We can no longer ignore the ecological and social damage in the mining regions. There must be change.

With FAIREVER I found a partner who I trust, because we share the same mis- sion. Together we fight for the green revolution of fair gold!

Jan Spille, Goldsmith

Photos: © Jan Spille Schmuck / Miguel Ferraz

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Jan Spille
Desirée Binternagel 21 November, 2022
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