Child Labor in my Jewelry?
Session 1: An Introduction of the Hosts and a Deep Dive into Child Labor
27 June, 2023 by
Child Labor in my Jewelry?
Desirée Binternagel

In our first session of our new video-podcast "Aufpoliert" we have discussed the topics of sustainability in the jewelry industry, the problems of child labor and gender equality.

Our Top 3 Learnings from Session 1:

  1. Sustainability in the jewelry industry: the jewelry industry needs to address sustainable practices and responsible sourcing of raw materials. Consumers will increasingly pay attention to how and under what conditions products are made.
  2. Child labor: Child labor is a serious problem, especially in mining. By having transparent supply chains and buying raw materials from responsible sources, you can help avoid child labor and counteract human rights abuses.
  3. Equality: Women in small-scale mining often face wage inequality and lack of recognition. It is important to improve their situation and ensure fairer treatment in the industry.

View or listen to the full session here:


Hosts: Desirée Binternagel, Dr. Peter Janowski

Child Labor in my Jewelry?
Desirée Binternagel 27 June, 2023
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