ECOMINE - A Sustainable Mining Project
From first vision to reality
1 November, 2023 by
ECOMINE - A Sustainable Mining Project
Desirée Binternagel

In the third session of our video-podcast AUFPOLIERT, we took a deep dive into the origins of the groundbreaking ECOMINE project 🌎 by Ceylons | Munich, uncovering the fascinating story of how the idea for an ecologically sustainable sapphire mine was born.

The First Sketch

Our co-host Dr. Peter Janowski, also Ceylons | Munich's co-founder shared in the video the first sketches of how he imagined the ECOMINE to look like. But from blueprint to finished project, there were many challenges to overcome.

Challenges of an Innovative Project

First, a financial crisis made a start of the project impossible. Shortly after, Covid brought the whole world to a halt. In addition, a lot of work was involved to convince the community of the benefits of the new mining concept. 

The ECOMINE is Running

Finally, the ECOMINE is up and running and Peter is giving us insights into the remarkable transformation that has occurred in the lives of local workers as a direct result of ECOMINE's sustainable practices 🌱

Watch the full episode:


Photo: Ceylons | Munich

ECOMINE - A Sustainable Mining Project
Desirée Binternagel 1 November, 2023
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