Goldsmiths Grüngold
The Consequent Implementation of Ideals
21 November, 2022 by
Goldsmiths Grüngold
Desirée Binternagel

In 2013 Anna Römer and Hannes Brötz have opened their goldsmiths studio Grüngold in the old town of Tübingen. Stepping on this path in order to be able to work with responsibly sourced materials, has been consistent with their sustainable way of living.

We have been working with FAIREVER since 2016. At various work meetings around the topic „fair gold“ we were able to exchange ideas in person. A reliable local contact is very important to us, so we are pleased that the cooperation is very trustful. FAIREVER is well informed about the certified gold mines and all the details from mining up to delivery. A knowledge that is shared with us.
In addition to the handcrafted manufacturing and the individual design, the jewelry piece receives another very special level of meaning by the story of its unique origin. Such a piece of jewelry we can make with a clear conscience and the wearers never have to ask themselves if the history of the used gold and gemstones is questionable.

Even though working with fairly traded and ecologically mined precious metals requires greater effort and a different approach in the workshop in many ways, we can definitely advise becoming part of the movement and working with responsibly mined gold and silver. Working with fair trade precious metals gives us a happy and satisfied feeling.

Hannes Brötz & Anna Römer

Photos: © Goldschmiede Grüngold / Corinna Spitzbarth

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Goldsmiths Grüngold
Desirée Binternagel 21 November, 2022
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