Minera Oro Puno (Peru)
First Fairmined Certified Mine of Peru
21 November, 2022 by
Minera Oro Puno (Peru)
Desirée Binternagel

Oro Puno is located in the south of Peru in the province of Puno, about
4,700 meters above sea level. The area is characterized by cold and snowy weather with temperatures between -10 °C to + 10 °C.

The mine exists for many decades already and was legalized in 2010.
Oro Puno is the first certified gold mine in Peru, which completely abandons the use of toxic chemicals in the mining process. This makes the mine a pioneer in the region and many others look upon it as a role model.

Minera Oro Puno (Peru)
Desirée Binternagel 21 November, 2022
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