Fairtrade Certified Mining Cooperatives
15 November, 2022 by
Desirée Binternagel

Ten mining cooperatives have joined forces under the umbrella organization. These include San Juan de Dios di Pam, Halcon de Oro, Municipal de Ananea, and the Minera Santiago de Ananea. The latter is CECOMSAP‘s first mine to completely abandon the use of chemicals.

An association of this kind is an outstanding achievement, opening up the possibilities and emerging as a stronger trading partner.

Fairever - Miner holding Gold Nuggets at CECOMSAP Fairtrade Mine, Peru 

Important Facts

Fairtrade Certified

since 2019

~ 450 Employees

30 to 55 per cooperative

7 of 10 Cooperatives Chemical-Free

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Major Achievement

10 cooperatives joining forces

Fairever is proud partner of Fairtrade and sources fair gold from the CECOMSAP mines. The Fairtrade gold has the Fairtrade social premium included and this has helped the mines greatly improve the working and living conditions of the local population.

During my visit to the mines that belong to CECOMSAP, we saw how the social premium has already been used:

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Construction of showers and sleeping facilities
  • Switching to chemical-free gold mining by purchasing vibrating tables
  • Investing in hot meals for all workers
  • Purchasing food and blankets for the local community
  • Supporting schools and kindergartens
  • Purchasing technical equipment that makes work easier

Combining our efforts, we are changing the future for these communities and creating a sustainable tradability and tracability of gold. 

Desirée Binternagel 15 November, 2022
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