Learn about the negative impacts of high gold prices on these communities and the importance of promoting responsible and sustainable mining practices. Find out how you can make a difference as a responsible consumer in the global gold supply chain.

About Recycled Gold

The most important questions about the use of recycled gold. Is recycled gold really recycling? Where and under which circumstances was recycled gold mined? Is recycled gold climate neutral and environmentally friendly? Has recycled gold a social impact? Is less gold being mined due to the recycling of gold?
The Fairmined and Fairtrade standards cover four core areas that have proven essential to promote the sustainable development of mining organizations and their communities.

Why Do We Need Fair Gold?

More than 150 million people depend on mining. The demand for gold is constantly increasing, and recycled gold, at about 23 % does not even cover a quarter of it.

Visiting the Mines: SOTRAMI (Peru)

The SOTRAMI gold mine in Santa Filomena has been the first Fairtrade-certified mine in Peru since 2011. The Fairtrade premiums have already been used to build a health center and renovate the village school.
Wie wirkt Fairtrade? Nach Fairtrade-Standards zertifiziertes Gold ermöglicht kleingewerblichen Bergbauarbeitern, ihren Familie und Gemeinschaften in Entwicklungsländern bessere Lebens- und Arbeitsbedingungen. So glänzt Gold für alle...