Shipping methods


Courier services: We ship your valuables exclusively with renowned courier services, usually UPS or FedEx. The more valuable the goods, the faster the transport ("Express") and safer the delivery ("signature required"). We bear these additional costs because a safe and smooth delivery is in our own interest.

Delivery address: You can enter or select an alternative delivery address in the order process. The recipient should be the same as the holder of the bank account from which the transfer is made.

Insurance of goods: We cover the risk of loss of the goods in transit until delivery. If the value of the goods exceeds 10,000 EUR, the shipment may be divided into multiple packages. The sender printed on the address label is neutral and the packaging and form of delivery don't in any way indicate the valuable content. Neither delivery staff nor neighbors should get curious.

International shipments: Duty-free shipping to countries in the European Union works usually very smoothly. For shipments to destinations outside the EU, we take care of (and pay for) all formalities related to the export. We work with electronic customs declarations, which should make the process as easy as possible. With regards to the import into your country, you as the recipient are responsible for any necessary formalities, permits and payments of customs duties, taxes and fees. Please provide us with your EORI or customs number and your UPS and FedEx account numbers (if available). This helps the authorities and shipping company to identify you, which will speed up the import customs clearance process.

Shipping times

Standard & Express: With values of up to 500 EUR (excl. VAT), we usually ship by UPS Standard, over 500 EUR usually by UPS Express Saver and over 5,000 EUR usually by UPS Express 12:00. You'll find the costs as well as the usual transit times (working days, Monday to Friday) in the table below. If you wish to "upgrade" your shipping method to the next level, without reaching the corresponding value (see above), please note this in the comment field at the checkout; in this case we'll charge 10 EUR extra.

Manufactured items: Please note that not all items and amounts are ready for immediate dispatch. If articles need to be manufactured, this usually takes 3 - 7 working days. The dispatch takes place as soon as the order is complete.

Shipping confirmation: Usually we'll inform you in time about the completed shipping and the parcel tracking number of the courier service.

Shipping costs

All inclusive: Our shipping costs include freight costs, transport insurance, sustainable packaging (very strong FSC-certified cardboard, paper mailing tape with strong plant starch-based adhesive, etc) and general administration.


Shipping costs (excl. VAT)

Minimum order

Free shipping from...

Shipping time -

Shipping time -

ZONE 1 16.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 2,000.00 EUR 3 days 2 days
ZONE 2 16.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 2,000.00 EUR 2-3 days 1-2 days
United Kingdom          
ZONE 3 29.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 2,500.00 EUR 4-6 days 3-5 days
France *)          
ZONE 4 39.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 2,500.00 EUR 5-7 days 3-5 days
Czech Republik          
ZONE 5 49.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 3,000.00 EUR - 3-5 days
Bulgaria *)          
Cyprus *)          
Hungary *)          
Romania *)          
Slovakia *)          
ZONE 6 69.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 5,000.00 EUR 2-4 Tage 1-2 days
Canary Islands          
ZONE 7 89.00 EUR 2,000.00 EUR - - 1-4 days
Russia *) **)          
Turkey *) **)          
ZONE 8 119.00 EUR 2,000.00 EUR - - 2-4 days
Hong Kong          
Japan *)          
New Zealand          
South Korea *)          
ZONE 9 169.00 EUR 3,000.00 EUR - - 2-5 days
Brazil *) **)          
Colombia *) **)          
China *) **)          
India *) **)          
Indonesia *) **)          
Macao *)          
Malaysia *) **)          
Mexico *) **)          
Peru *) **)          
South Africa *) **)          
Taiwan *)          
Thailand *) **)          
United Arab Emirates *)          

*) Sale only to commercial customers
**) Shipping only to major cities (on request)

General information

Parcel pick-up: Depending on the value and destination of the shipment, delivery to UPS pick-up locations might be possible. However, we do not offer delivery to other pick-up stations, post boxes, post offices or similar.

Company addresses: If you ordered delivery to a company address, delivery will usually be made directly to the normal parcel drop-off point (e.g. reception desk) of this company. We've thereby fulfilled our delivery obligation.

Exceptional locations: We ship to (small) islands, very remote places and special areas only on request. There might be a surcharge. For shipping to German islands, we charge an additional 15 EUR.

Legal details: Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions (in particular § 5). With regard to delivery times and methods of delivery, the general terms and conditions of the respective transport service provider apply.