Fairmined Gold - Diverse Alloys - Semi-Finished Products

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Purity: 750 ‰ (18 kt) pure gold content in 750 alloys — 585 ‰ (14 kt) pure gold content in... more
Product information "Fairmined Gold - Diverse Alloys - Semi-Finished Products"

Purity: 750 ‰ (18 kt) pure gold content in 750 alloys — 585 ‰ (14 kt) pure gold content in 585 alloys

Colors: Red, Rose, Rich Yellow, Medium Yellow, Light Yellow, White (please check the drop-down menu to see the available colors for each alloy)

Shapes: Casting pieces, round wire 1 mm, rolled square wire 4 mm and 6 mm. Log into your account and select your item from the drop-down list below the price table.

Custom Shapes: You'll find an overview of all possible forms under this link. This includes rectangular / square / round / oval / D-shaped wire, strip and sheet in flexible sizes. Please order directly via our web shop. Select the desired alloy and Custom shape in the drop-down menu, enter the approx. weight and add the article to your shopping cart. Then, at the checkout, leave a comment (More options -> Enter your comment) with the specific form and measures you require. If you order multiple items, please specify the respective position (i.e. line number from top to bottom). (If the requested measures are not feasible, we will get back to you shortly. Otherwise, your desired items will be manufactured.)

Please note: You'll find a tool to calculate the weight of the articles, depending on the specific alloy, form and measures, under this link. Please download the file (top right button) to your computer, as it does not work in web browsers or on mobile devices. The stated weights are just approximations, especially for irregular shapes such as rolled square wire, oval wire etc.

Certification: The fine gold contained in this product is responsibly mined by Fairmined certified Artisanal & Small-scale Mining Organizations (ASMOs), fairly traded and certified according to the Fairmined Standard for Gold from Artisanal and Small-scale Mining, including Associated Precious Metals of the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).

For details, see www.fairmined.org/the-fairmined-standard/

Social Premium: 4,000 USD per kilogramm of pure gold (already included in our pricing)

About Fairmined: Fairmined is a product seal that certifies gold and silver from responsible artisanal & small-scale mining organizations. The objective is to bring about positive change to small-scale mining, promote sustainable social-economic development, ensure environmental protection and give everyone access to responsibly mined gold and silver. The Fairmined certification system is secured by independent, accredited auditing organisations. This ensures that the mining organizations comply with the requirements of the Fairmined Standard. The entire supply chain is audited, which includes all companies working with and making claims about Fairmined Gold and Fairmined Silver, from the mine to the finished piece of jewelry.

Benefits for mining communities:

  • A guaranteed minimum price of 95 % of the London Bullion Market price for gold and silver (Fairever even pays 96 % to 99 % for gold and 100 % to 160 % for silver!)
  • A premium for better living and working conditions and community development
  • Investment in organisational and social development and environmental protection

The Fairmined initiative was founded by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), an international non-governmental organization that is regarded as a pioneer and leading organisation in the field of responsible artisanal & small-scale gold mining since its foundation in 2004. ARM supports this form of mining to make it a legal, organized and profitable activity that works with efficient technologies and is socially and environmentally responsible.

To achieve this goal, the Fairmined Initiative works with all relevant stakeholders throughout the supply chain: From artisanal mines to legislators, manufacturers, jewelers and consumers. This stakeholder forum is the largest in this area and represents the various perspectives of the respective groups in a joint programme.

You'll find detailed information about the work of ARM, the Fairmined Standard and its benefits for artisanal and small-scale mining organisations at www.fairmined.org.

Origin: Iquira, Colombia. The Iquira mining organization is located in the south-west of Colombia in the Department of Huila, which is also a coffee growing area. It is operated as a classic underground mine and its full name Cooperativa Multiactiva Agrominera del Municipio de Iquira already reveals a special feature. Multiactiva means that the employees pursue several activities. The employees alternate as needed between working in artisanal mining and working on the coffee plantations.

Alloy metals: The fine silver contained in our gold alloys is mined by responsible artisanal & small-scale mining organizations (mainly SOTRAMI) in Peru, of whose outstanding working practices we've personally convinced ourselves. The copper is predominantly from recycling. The palladium (in white gold alloys) is from conventional mining (mainly as a by-product of mining for industrial metals) and recycling.

Packaging: We put the ordered precious metals into resealable and recyclable transparent plastic bags. On the product label you'll find all the relevant details.

Certification: Fairmined Gold (ARM - Alliance for Responsible Mining)
Target group: Supplied only to our registered business customers.
Taxation: Standard VAT rate; reverse charge mechanism might apply, which will be specified on the invoice.
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