Important Changes: Rings & Semi-Finished Products

As already explained in our previous newsletter and blog post from 2nd of June, we are currently carrying out a "general overhaul" of our company in order to put it on a more sustainable and efficient footing. Our range of products continues to develop. Some segments are reduced, others expanded...

Today we would like to announce important changes in two areas.

1) Rings made of Fairtrade Gold: Discontinuation as of 31st Aug 2019

The Fairtrade Gold profile rings produced on the turning lathe will only be offerend by us until the end of August of this year.

This decision was not taken lightly. Three of the reasons: With the rings, we feel too restricted in terms of certifications (Fairtrade only) and alloys (deviation from our standard colours) - and integration into our new ERP system would be very expensive.

Instead, we want to focus fully on improving and expanding our range of semi-finished products (cast materials, wires, sheets, etc.). In this segment we are much more flexible and have more development options. For example, we can produce semi-finished products from Fairmined Gold and other sources and determine the other alloy metals ourselves. More on this below...

Our current conditions regarding the profile rings can be found in this document (in German). Please note that some parameters have changed, e.g. the price formula for white gold, the finishing options and the packaging. For orders until 31st of August please use the format given in the document. (If the link only calls up the old document, empty your browser's cache.)

We are working on different alternatives - e.g. cast rings according to clients' forms / models or discs punched out of sheet metal as ring blanks - but we cannot promise anything yet. In the meantime, please check whether our semi-finished products would be a possibility...

2) Semi-finished products made of Fairmined & Fairtrade Gold: Expansions & Improvements

Now for the good news! From now on we are expanding our range of Fairmined Gold and Fairtrade Gold semi-finished products and will be much more flexible for you here.

For both certifications there are now 5 alloys each in 750 ‰ (18 carat) and 4 alloys in 585 ‰ (14 carat) gold. Our standard range includes: cast material, round wire 1 mm, rolled square wire 6 mm and - new! - rolled square wire 4 mm.

The best thing is: We are now very flexible in the manufacturing of customized forms & sizes and have been able to reduce the minimum quantity to 20 grams (and we continue to turn the screw). With sheet metal, square and round wire you can choose the dimensions almost completely freely and - also new! - we have 22 oval and 23 D-shaped wire profiles to choose from. All this in Fairmined and Fairtrade Gold in 9 alloys each!

You will find an overview of all shapes we can manufacture under this link. Please order directly via our webshop; a step-by-step guide can be found on the article pages of our shop.

A tool for calculating the weight of the articles, depending on the alloy, shape and dimensions, can be found under this link. (Attention: Save this tool on a computer, as it does not work in a web browser.)

We are also getting faster: For the production of customized gold forms we now only need approx. 4 to 6 working days - instead of 2 to 3 weeks.

Finally, the icing on the cake (which we are particularly proud of): From now on, the fine silver in our semi-finished gold products comes exclusively from responsible small-scale mining! The silver used now is mined by the well-known cooperative Sotrami in Peru. A plus point that will certainly be well received by your customers!

(Since we still have old stocks of semi-finished products, we use "mass balancing" for these, which means that we inject the corresponding quantity of "Fairever Sotrami Silver" into the conventional silver cycle of a refinery. From 1st August 2019 we will then use physically traceable "Fairever Sotrami Silver" for all newly produced alloys. With profile rings and chains, we cannot influence the alloy metals.)

In the next months we will work on these topics:
- Visually appealing certificates for your customers with every order
- Segregated refining of certified gold with refund of the premium to customers
- Semi-finished products from Fairmined Ecological Gold (Interested? Please write to us.)
- Jewellery solders of certified gold (Ditto!)

Our goal is to support you in your work with fair mined & traded precious metals in the best possible way. However, we only have limited resources. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions about our current developments. How can we help you?

Yours Fairever :-)

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