Major Changes - Please Read!

Dear friends and colleagues,

Today we'd like to share with you some important developments that affect all customers of TRAID GOLD.

First of all, we'd would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the last 4 years. The development of TRAID GOLD demanded a lot from us, but also gave us a lot back. The cooperation with our partners and gold miners in Peru, Colombia and Mongolia as well as with our valued customers all over the world is fulfilling and very motivating. We learn something new every day. Thank you very much for your trust!

The growth of the business exceeded our expectations. We have reached the limits of our capacity - which is a reason to celebrate! Now is the time to put the organizational and technical structure of the company on a more scaleable footing.

We have ambitious plans: We would like to win many more jewelry makers for fair mined & traded gold. Our product range is to be greatly expanded. And quality and service should remain at a high level (if we may say so).

At the beginning of the year we set out to develop more sustainable structures... You may have already noticed a few changes this week; others will follow. While we are "turning things upside down" here, there may be some restrictions on our products and services. We ask for your understanding and patience.

Please note the following important explanations.

- Prices after login: Since recently you can see the prices for all articles except coins and bars only after login. That means, all articles for business customers are affected. In this segment this is the usual way. Many goldsmiths and jewelers requested this feature.

- Customer account: If you have already ordered with us (maybe by email or phone), then you already have a customer account with us. Even if you have not actively used it so far. Click on in the upper right corner on My Account -> Sign in and on the left enter the email address with which you usually communicate with us. If required, simply click on Forgot your password?

- Product range: Our range of articles will develop further. Some things will be reduced, many things will be expanded. You can only order items that are currently available in our web shop. (If you miss something, please write us.) The selection is at the moment somewhat limited, will extend however in the next weeks and then clearly exceed the "old" assortment.

- Orders: Please order directly in our web shop. This ensures that we have all the information we need and that we can process your order as frictionless as possible. If required, you can leave a comment at the checkout. Please do not transfer the money until we have sent you the final invoice after cutting and/or weighing the goods.

- Semi-finished products: Until our new article inventory system is up and running, manual processes may lead to an increase in the minimum order quantities. In the shop this is indicated with the respective article. Our goal for the coming months is to expand the standard range of semi-finished products and to be able to manufacture according to customer-specific requests regarding forms and measures and to lower the minimum order quantities.

- Profile rings: We are currently revising our range of profile rings, which is why they are currently not published in the shop. For existing customers, the known parameters still apply. In this regard a separate email will follow.

- Jewellery casting: We presented this offer a few weeks ago and it was met with lively interest. We now have to pause the offer, probably for several months, until we have completely integrated it into our internal processes. The goal is to offer you an attractive and efficient service around casting in Fairmined / Fairtrade Gold.

- Chains: Until further notice, we do not offer tailor-made chains. You will find our standard models, which can be ordered as loose chain without fittings, in our shop.

- Shipping & delivery time: We are currently undergoing far-reaching organizational changes to the manufacturing and shipping of semi-finished products. In the meantime, the delivery times might be approx. 1-2 days longer than usual. From now on, you will receive your invoice and delivery note only by email. The medium-term goal is to offer manufacturing and shipping nearly without vacation interruptions.

- Availability: As we are very busy with the restructuring, we are currently only available by email to and there may be delays in the processing. From September on we will be available by phone again.

- TRAID becomes Fairever: As already announced we are changing our name. Traid Gold becomes Fairever. TRAID GmbH becomes Fairever GmbH. Don't worry: Vision & Mission remain unchanged, the team is the same ... We think that the new brand simply emphasizes our consequent focus on fair mined & traded precious metals more clearly.

- Step by step... It is our desire to become better and better in everything we do. Hence, we will soon switch completely to silver from responsible artisanal mining as component in our own alloys (casting material & semi-finished products) (we will inform you). Furthermore, from now on, we will use “carbon neutral shipping” by UPS. And so on…

Please understand that the planned changes will not be implemented perfectly overnight. But we promise, you can definitely look forward to the "new Fairever"!

Sincerely yours,
Team Fairever

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